Best free online web design tools

As technology progresses and a larger proportion of business is being conducted online, now is the perfect time to create a website to advertise your business or organisation. Whatever your objectives, as a business or in the creative space, a functional and well-designed website with a nice aesthetic will be key to your success drawing in customers and viewers. If you’re not a website developer, you might consider outsourcing your project to a professional. However, this can be expensive, and there are now some amazing web design tools available on the internet which are user-friendly and can be learnt fairly quickly. And even better, a lot of them are free. There are 1.12 billion websites in existence as of 2024, so using these great tools can help you stand out from the rest. Let’s explore some of the top contenders.


WordPress is perhaps the most prevalent free online web design tool used by many web-users around the world. In fact, a staggering 41.3% of all websites have been made on WordPress, which is a testament to its efficacy. WordPress is an intuitive and comprehensive web-management tool which can be used to publish websites, blogs, mailing lists, and internet forums, amongst other mediums. A whopping 70 million posts are published per month on WordPress. This is likely due to its user-friendly design, which makes it accessible to individuals who do not specialise in web development. WordPress has thousands of Plugins such as the Elementor Website Builder and Classic Editor. These give users extra customisability when using WordPress, and affectively provide addons which make using WordPress even more simple.


Particularly if you are a creative, Canva is a great tool to use when building a website. This is an online template editor, which grants dynamic abilities when it comes to producing professional graphics. Found in 2012, Canva offers a wide range of design templates and has great functionality for collaborating and sharing with other creators. Through this tool, multiple creators can work alongside one another seamlessly, sharing ideas and comments. Canva also has a wide range of stock images available to users, making it simple for its users to create brilliant designs without having to load in external image files.


If you are want to sell products, then Shopify is going to be your lifeline. This is a comprehensive ecommerce platform which allows users to build a site and integrate an online store through which they can sell their products. Shopify provides users with comprehensive data analytics on the demographics of customers, their average retention, impressions, clicks, and more. This is extremely helpful to anyone starting a business, as it does a lot of the market research for you. Shopify also has a great track record for site security, guaranteeing your safety as a business. They have paid over $850,000 to ethical hackers, to ensure the security of their site is top notch. This provides significant peace of mind when using the site. 

All of these web design tools are free and readily available, so what are you waiting for?